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HWL Works is a customizable suite of technology and advisory based solutions designed to empower customers to gain a competitive advantage in a dynamic workforce marketplace. 

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HWL Works

End-to-end Workforce Solutions and Technology

HWL’s custom managed services programs significantly reduce the internal burden of managing contingent labor. Our expert teams support locum tenens, nursing, allied, and non-clinical specialties.

HWL’s VMS is built on a next generation platform with modern architecture which allows for custom workflows, client system integrations, and robust Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting. HWL VMS supports locum tenens, nursing, allied, and non-clinical specialties and for contract, travel, local per diem, and internal resource pools (IRP).

HWL’s client-controlled solutions simplify and standardize the management of locum tenens agencies. HWL provides a dedicated account services team, a customizable VMS platform, standard contract terms, a detailed report suite, and a vast network of engaged agency partners, delivering the strongest possible ROI for locum tenens delivery.

HWL’s Local InSourced Flex Team (LIFT) solution designs, builds, and manages internal contingents in the form of unit-based PRNs, facility-based float pools, regional float pools, or even the creation of an internal agency, with the ability to be scheduled and managed in HWL VMS.

HWL’s Advisory Services offer the ability to analyze current workforce challenges and make recommendations and to drive savings and operational efficiencies. HWL experts with decades of experience in healthcare bring fresh eyes to challenges delivering tangible results with high ROI.

The HWL Private Label Internal Agency offers an innovative approach to developing an internal agency, providing key benefits to customers in comparison to traditional models of contingent staff procurement while driving cost savings. HWL leverages proprietary market intelligence and unique employment models to reduce costs while meeting critical staffing demands.

HWL Payroll Services provides hassle-free Employer of Record solutions, managing payroll, HR, and compliance for global workforce expansion. With us, businesses can focus on growth while we handle the complexities of international employment.

HWL’s SourceDirect offers direct sourcing solutions that support your system’s unique talent acquisition operations by providing recruitment marketing, candidate sourcing, and screening management services. HWL brings proprietary tools and resources to improve the recruitment and retention of core staff in multiple specialties both clinical and non-clinical.

Client Success Stories

“Lee Health was looking to harness the power of market intelligence to lower costs yet maintain the exceptional quality of our staff. The insights we gained through HWL have seamlessly integrated into our overall workforce plan, helping us reduce agency utilization and costs and ultimately achieve a remarkable reduction in bill rates. We have ignited healthy competition and driven down bill rates across the board while enjoying the transparency of market intelligence with zero administration burden.”

Mike Wukitsch, MBA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR
Chief People Officer, Lee Health

"To meet the high demand for clinical staff during and after the Covid-19pandemic, our hospital developed a reliance on travel nurses. However, we needed more direct insight into the market rates for contingent staff andstruggled to source quality candidates at competitive rates. That is until Grady Works was created. Thanks to this solution, we now have a clear understanding of the market rates and can drive competition for top candidates. As a result, our organization has saved money and improved our approach to staffing contingent labor."

Sabrina Broadnax ,
Vice President, Human Resources at Grady Health System

"Upstate Works powered by HWL allows hospitals to access contingent staffing for rates 10-20% lower than traditional agency bill rates and also gives hospitals access to proprietary market intelligence for travelling staff nationally, regionally, and locally. This intelligence gives hospitals the knowledge, and ability, to determine competitive compensation to attract temporary staff, while also saving money through lower bill rates."

Gary Fitzgerald ,
President & CEO at Iroquois Healthcare Association (IHA)

"Our Locums program required a centralized process to gain organization and clarity into our Locums usage. Our goal was also to have the ability to generate detailed reports to not only monitor usage and spending but also ensure that any changes in our processes were being tracked and measured. HWL provided a customizable approach to Locums management, which has evolved over the last few years to meet our needs."

Karen Height ,
Senior Director for Physician & Provider Recruitment at Banner Health

"We saw many nurses opting out of the traditional positions, deciding to take travel contracts instead. We had to look at why we were losing nurses, especially during COVID. Our traditional model was no longer working. We were using tons of contract labor, so we determined it was a better option to cut out the middleman and start our program."

Christa D. Butler, MSM, BSN, RN,
Director Clinical Nursing Resource Management at Augusta University Medical Center

"We were blown away by the HWL technology. It was clean, easy to use, and had every capability we needed. The implementation was easy and seamless. HWL did all the heavy lifting, and now we are reaping the benefits. During the COVID crisis, we had so many positions to fill in a short amount of time. Having the ability to post the openings to multiple agencies at once and have a candidate submitted the same day or the next day - it was a total game-changer."

Kaley Porter,
Contract Staffing Specialist at Beth Israel Lahey Health

"Since the implementation of the Upstate Works program, Community Memorial Hospital has effectively sourced and onboarded experienced clinicians to fill vacancies within our facility. We continue to experience significant savings on contingent labor spend without sacrificing quality. This ensures that our most important standard of maintaining exceptional patient care is preserved. Upstate Works has provided us with an alternative staffing model, which is innovative, scalable, and has far surpassed our expectations."

Madison Phillips,
Talent Acquisition Manager at Community Memorial Hospital

"It was easy to get buy-in from the managers to move to HWL because they’re taking something off of their plate. Instead of finding a locum themselves, they just submit the request to our dedicated HWL account manager."

Mary Ann Tanguay,
Physician Recruiter at Hartford Healthcare

"We had no way of capturing information about locum spend or usage. We hoped to improve our numbers in these areas, but the first step would be implementing a consistent process. After working with HWL, we have a process and insight into what’s happening. This is exactly what we were striving for."

Patti Lowicki, FASPR, CMSR,
Director of Physician Recruitment and Integration at Hartford Healthcare

"I cannot say enough about the HWL team. From our Implementation Specialist to our Account Manager to the Director--I am confident HWL has our best interests in mind. The training was simple, as the VMS is very user-friendly. From the dashboard, I can see, at a glance, each department’s open requisition, how many submissions each one has, and where they are in the process."

Minnie Webling,
Workforce Management Analyst at Houston Healthcare

"Managers love the new solution for the time it saves them, but there are other advantages too. The quality of candidates has been excellent. HWL provides more candidates to choose from."

Lindsay Yowell, BSN, RN,
Operational Supervisor at SwedishAmerican Healthcare, a division of UW Health

"Leadership may love the financial savings, but the time put back in my day is priceless. HWL is a lot less work than our previous system. HWL does the work for you."

Jessica Bye, BSN, RN ,
Operational Supervisor at SwedishAmerican Healthcare, a division of UW Health

"I want to know if I have a problem, I can call one person for help, and that person can solve it. I knew I would have that with HWL. The time it saves the hiring managers is immeasurable. HWL knows the average rates for the various specialties, whereas before, our hiring managers were often in panic mode and would agree to whatever rate the agency demanded. Now that HWL manages the agency relationships, I’m confident we are paying competitive rates. "

Devyn Kern, CPRP,
Director of Physician Recruitment and Onboarding at Lifebridge Health

"I appreciated the whole HWL team right away. They had experience operating vaccination clinics in other states, but they came in with a servant mindset and wanted to really understand the conditions on the ground here. The logistics of something like that aren't simple, but the HWL team always finds a way to 'Yes,' instead of 'No, that won't work,' or 'No, we can't do this.' Their approach is always, 'How can we get to a 'Yes.'"

Shaun May, MPH, CPM,
Director of Public Health Services at Weld County Department of Health & Environment

“Our HWL team is the absolute, 100%, hands-down best team I have ever encountered! Everyone works so hard to have all of our needs met at Houston and they certainly go above and beyond! I cannot brag about them enough to anyone that will listen!”

Madeline Roller
Workforce Management Analyst at Houston Healthcare

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