Clinical Interviewing, Screening & Matching

HWL’s clinical team provides value added service to save managers’ time while delivering high quality candidates – filling positions faster than a traditional model!

Candidates screened and interviewed in 2022


Denied due to insufficient experience or not meeting customer requirements


Approved for hire after interview

Minutes per candidate interview, saving time for clients

Program Benefits

Confidence in quality of hire

Promotes your brand

Time savings for managers

Reduction in time to fill positions

Improved candidate experience

Improved quality of match

Increased retention

Scalable and flexible model

No outside additional costs

24/7 clinical support for managers & candidate interviews

Nancy Bourg RN, BSHCA, MBA

Senior Vice President InSourcing & Chief Clinical Officer

“Our Clinical Services Team has a passion for quality results with deep experience assisting healthcare organizations with screening, interviewing and matching candidates to open positions.  Our extensive screening and scenario based clinical & behavioral interviews ensure our clients receive the best candidates which minimizes time-consuming tasks involved with the initial stages of onboarding.  I am proud to lead our Clinical Services Team and see the exceptional results we produce.”

HWL’s Clinical Advisory Team

From Our Candidates

“The clinical service team was awesome! They were knowledgeable, asked good interview questions, knew the right clinical questions to ask, and I didn’t feel rushed. I felt like we knew each other! They were great.”

C. Parker, RN

“The clinical service team was great. They were super informative, knowledgeable, and pleasant to talk with. It was nice talking to a clinician because they understand us -- our jargon – and have the clinical background to ask and answer the questions.”

B. Campbell, RRT

“I didn’t expect the questions to be case scenarios, but they were good. She made sure I knew what I was talking about. I could tell the HWL Clinician had a lot of experience, and this facility isn’t going to end up with a traveler who isn’t a good nurse. It was a very pleasant experience.”

K. Halpin, Medsurg RN

“I was called within two days of my recruiter submitting my application for a travel contract. Nurse to nurse, it was a comfortable conversation. Recruiters can’t always grasp my clinical questions, and the HWL Clinician was able to answer them.”

E. Rush, NICU RN

From Our Clients

“HWL’s Clinical Screening is outstanding and saves us hours of time in reviewing candidates. They take the time to understand each unit’s needs and screen accordingly. We find that the pre-screened candidates have a very high success rate on our teams.”

H. Miller, RN, MSN, NE-BC

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