Private Label Internal Agency

A new approach to developing an internal agency

The HWL Private Label Internal Agency provides many benefits to customers
in comparison to traditional models of contingent staff procurement.

Utilizing a technology platform, the organization aims to create custom processes and real-time reporting to attract contingent workers, converting them through its branded agency, Travel Lee Health Staffing

A never-ending battle with staffing shortages leads Augusta University Medical Center to turn to HWL’s alternative solutions for a long-term, sustainable solution to reduce the high costs involved with staffing their medical center.

HWL develops an internal agency for IHA that would be accessible to members as a viable option for their facilities to attract contingent labor at a sustainable cost, without forfeiting quality, or disrupting patient care.

HWL develops and executes a Grady-branded private label that would provide real-time visibility into the contingent labor market to drive competitive rates and generate cost savings.

Bottom Line Up Front


Real World

HWL has successfully launched “Private Label” contingent labor models for healthcare systems that are looking to reduce contingent labor costs.

Reduces Costs/More Attractive for Healthcare Worker

Shifts contingent labor to internal agency where more dollars flow directly to the healthcare professional.

Seamless Implementation & Management of Program

Technology and support model manages all aspects of the sourcing, screening, credentialing, compliance, payrolling, and invoicing for the “Private Label” program.

Proprietary Market
Pay Data

Utilizes real time local, regional, and national pay data to optimize compensation models based on demand to ensure fill rates at lowest  possible costs.

Unique Employment

Enables clients to compete on same terms as agencies in the market  offering both taxable and non-taxable (lodging and meals) wage  components to attract healthcare professionals.


Led by former agency executives with inside knowledge regarding the economics of staffing and agency operations.

“Lee Health was looking to harness the power of market intelligence to lower costs yet maintain the exceptional quality of our staff. The insights we gained through HWL have seamlessly integrated into our overall workforce plan, helping us reduce agency utilization and costs and ultimately achieve a remarkable reduction in bill rates. We have ignited healthy competition and driven down bill rates across the board while enjoying the transparency of market intelligence with zero administration burden.”

Mike Wukitsch, MBA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR
Chief People Officer, Lee Health

"HWL has provided us valuable insight into our contingent labor usage and a way to direct source quality candidates for our facility. We have a dedicated Client Services team that ensures we have Samaritan's needs met, optimized our contingent labor spend, and secured top talent. Their dedication and expertise have transformed our contingent workforce into a strategic asset, allowing us to focus on what matters most - delivering exceptional service to our patients."

Maxine Briggs
Chief Financial Officer Samaritan HealthChief People Officer, Lee Health

"Through innovation, deep expertise, and robust technology, HWL developed and deployed a turnkey internal staffing program that aligned with our objectives to improve AUH brand recognition and significantly cut out contingent labor costs while sustainably meeting our staffing needs."

Noah M Rees,
Director of Business Ops, PCS Administration at Augusta University Medical Center

"We saw many nurses opting out of the traditional positions, deciding to take travel contracts instead. We had to look at why we were losing nurses, especially during COVID. Our traditional model was no longer working. We were using tons of contract labor, so we determined it was a better option to cut out the middleman and start our program."

Christa D. Butler, MSM, BSN, RN,
Director Clinical Nursing Resource Management at Augusta University Medical Center

"Since the implementation of the Upstate Works program, Community Memorial Hospital has effectively sourced and onboarded experienced clinicians to fill vacancies within our facility. We continue to experience significant savings on contingent labor spend without sacrificing quality. This ensures that our most important standard of maintaining exceptional patient care is preserved. Upstate Works has provided us with an alternative staffing model, which is innovative, scalable, and has far surpassed our expectations."

Madison Phillips,
Talent Acquisition Manager at Community Memorial Hospital

"Upstate Works powered by HWL allows hospitals to access contingent staffing for rates 10-20% lower than traditional agency bill rates and also gives hospitals access to proprietary market intelligence for travelling staff nationally, regionally, and locally. This intelligence gives hospitals the knowledge, and ability, to determine competitive compensation to attract temporary staff, while also saving money through lower bill rates."

Gary Fitzgerald ,
President & CEO at Iroquois Healthcare Association (IHA)

"To meet the high demand for clinical staff during and after the Covid-19pandemic, our hospital developed a reliance on travel nurses. However, we needed more direct insight into the market rates for contingent staff andstruggled to source quality candidates at competitive rates. That is until Grady Works was created. Thanks to this solution, we now have a clear understanding of the market rates and can drive competition for top candidates. As a result, our organization has saved money and improved our approach to staffing contingent labor."

Sabrina Broadnax ,
Vice President, Human Resources at Grady Health System

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